We want to take this opportunity to ((Thank-You!!)) for being loyal customers, friends, family & became family! We have been very blessed by everyone we have met (many of you have been here from the beginning) and will be greatly missed! We have gained and lost so many over the past almost 20 years and have stories and memories you wouldn’t believe lol!! You have all touched me beyond words!!

As most of you already know we will be done with our regular Friday Night Auctions as of December 20th. Lander Vol. Fire Dept. has purchased the building and will be moving here. This is a great opportunity for us & our families, Lander Vol. Fire Dept. and the community.  We have the option of having some auctions here over the next 2 years. Coin Auctions are scheduled for 2020:  Sat Aug 15th @ 11am and Sat Oct. 10th @ 11am. Storage Units will also be coming up! All these changes come with both sadness and joy!! So keep in touch, www.auctionzip.com, watch this website and friend us on Facebook  

We will be holding our special auctions and will post anytime we have an event on this website, auctionzip and also on Facebook!!

Chase Auction is run by Candy and Randy Ransom and a friendly, dedicated auction staff.

Candy Ransom is a 1996 graduate from the Harrisburg Community College Auctioneering Program. Chase Auction opened in July 2001.


Special auctions featuring on-sites, coins, storage units, and more.
Watch our website for upcoming auction dates and photos.

Candy Ransom – Auctioneer #AU-003611-L
Lloyd Burkhouse – Auctioneer #AU005494-L
Licensed & Bonded in the state of PA.